Friday, September 18, 2015

Jehovah-Rhoi, the Lord is my Shepherd, Psalm 23

Today we meet Jehovah-Rhoi, the Lord who is my Shepherd.

I spent the morning looking up Hebrew meanings of many of the words in Psalm 23. It always amazes me as I look up the deeper meanings of  the scriptures. 

As I allow Jesus to become my Shepherd I will discover 11 wonderful benefits:

     1. I will not be in lack, in bereavement, fail, or be made a second class citizen. I will not decrease. My God is the God of multiplication and increase.

2. I will live in a place of lush surroundings.

3. I will stay in a place of peace of mind, will and emotions.

4. My soul will prosper (3 John 2). He heals my soul wounds. I can breathe easy again.

5. Paths of righteousness are directions in which I will obtain prosperity in an equitable manner. (Proverbs 13:11)

6. Shadow of death is when I come upon near death, or death and destruction brought on by the evil one – sorrows, troubles, distress or anything the evil one causes to come against me, (John 10:10) I will not be afraid. I am kept in perfect peace. The Lord protects me with His mighty weapons.

7. Because the Lord is fighting for me, I know the enemy is defeated at the cross. No fear!

8. Since I can breathe easily again I can rest in His safety and security.

9. He has prepared the Table of His Presence – Holy Communion for me. I eat of His peace and security, not running or hiding in fear. I am in Covenant with my Shepherd. He cares about me and is protecting me from the evil one. (See the Lord’s Prayer)

10. “He anoints my head with oil" is His promise to remove the ashes from the dead or lifeless things in my life. He then makes me fruitful again.

11. I am now overflowing with His goodness, ease, favor, bounty and kindness which are continually in my new life as part of His family.

In Andrew Murray’s book “The Power of the Blood of Jesus” he says, “Faith in the blood manifests in his heart the same wonder-working power that is exercised in heaven. Through faith in the blood he becomes a partaker of all the blessings which the blood has obtained for him from God.”

Our  reconciliation to God includes forgiveness of our sins and healing for our bodies as well as healing for our emotions. (3 John 2)

Today I ate of the body of my Good Shepherd, and I drank of His blood as the absolute payment that brings me into reconciliation with my heavenly Father for the full forgiveness of my sins that restores me into full fellowship with my God.

I pray you find Jehovah-Rhoi, the Lord Jesus as your Shepherd today. 

Blessings on your day!.


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