Tuesday, January 12, 2016

“You’re all together lovely” Song of Songs 4:7

In studying Song of Songs I have begun to understand that the Lord Jesus says I am worthy to receive Him and all He has. He chose me before time began.

In Colossians 1:13 I’ve learned that the moment I accepted Jesus as my savior, He brought me into His Kingdom as His bride.

As I learned in the book of Esther, I have to prepare myself to come before the King. When I first arrived into the Kingdom I did not understand that the economy of heaven is faith and the power of His Kingdom is love. I had much to learn.

When Jesus first brought me into His Kingdom He hid me in the clefts of the rock, Himself, His secret place. This is the place where I find His peace, His joy and His love. It is the place that I learned just how magnificent He is and began to fall in love with Him. (Psalm 91:1)

As I partook of Communion I learned that this is a rehearsal for our Wedding Banquet to remember Him and His vows to me. You see, at this point we are married although the marriage has not been consummated.

He has placed His banner of love over me because He has bought me with His love. (John 3:16)

However; there are times when I do not see or feel His presence. He’s promised me He will never leave me, not forsake me. But, where is He? Things can get hard and dark, especially when it’s the dark night of my soul. I continue to search for my beloved.

Chapter 3 shows me I am in a time of testing. How will I respond to the hard times? Will I continue to believe He is near me? Or will I turn back to the ways of the world? Have these hard times choked my love for my beloved?

Jesus hides and waits in anticipation of my response.

The Shulamite woman teaches me to continue searching. She seeks the religious leaders (the watchmen), and local people, the self-help groups, preachers, “Have you seen my beloved?”

As I search, Jesus continues to expound upon how He loves me and thinks I am beautiful in every way. My lips are kissable. I am His desire.

As I remember Him I only speak words of kindness as my words are producing the Fruit of His Spirit in me. (Galatians 5:22-23). As I speak His love-words it reminds Him of Himself. “Ah! She is becoming more like Me.”

My response to these trials become my testimony. Revelation 12:11 tells me that I overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus and the word of my testimony.

Jesus sees me as flawless, perfect in every way. Worthy of His eternal love.

He has qualified me by calling me His sister and His spouse. I've been changed into His new creation. I am now of royal blood, His own DNA. It no longer matters who my natural parents were. It doesn’t matter if I was born on the wrong side of the sheets, the wrong side of the tracks, the right side of the sheets or the right side of the tracks,  I am now born anew in the Kingdom of God and have become joint heirs with Jesus Christ. I’ve taken on His love-identity producing the Fruit of His Spirit.

Now that I know Whose I am, the persecution begins. The devil has gone to war against me. This often comes from the religious people, the ones who persecuted Jesus. 

"She is too spiritually minded to be of any earthly good. Who does she think she is? I know where she came from. She's no better than I am. God can't use someone like her."

But the Shulamite woman shows me how to stand. She begins to remind herself of her beloved. She sets her affections on Him. "He is radiant, the greatest over all the others, He is all together lovely. He smells like the sweet prayers of the saints. His eyes are like doves, and His heart is as pure as ivory overlaid with sapphires." She declares, “This is my beloved and He is mine.” 

We are becoming one.

In Chapter 6 Jesus tells me that He could choose anyone He wanted; queens, second wives or many maidens, but He chooses me over all the others. Then He continues in chapter 7 expounding upon how beautiful I am, His bride. He thinks I am gorgeous.

This is how He thinks of you as well. Believe Him when He says,"You are beautiful, My darling. There are no flaws in you."

By now, I am so in love with Jesus that I cry, “Set me as a seal upon Your heart…for love is as strong as death.” True love is forever.

No matter who you are or how sinful you have been, Jesus is still calling you to be His own. He is waiting on you to make Him your choice. He has already chosen you. If you have said yes, will you prepare yourself to be His bride?

Be encouraged in the Lord Jesus today. Experience His magnificent love. You will never be the same. Amen!

Blessings on your day!


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